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Phipps Bend Industrial Park

Phipps Bend Industrial District
Surgoinsville, TN 37873

 Name of Site:

Phipps Bend Industrial District, Surgoinsville, TN 37873

County, State: Hawkins County, Tennessee
Within municipal limits? If yes, name of municipality (provide web site): No
Average Price Per Acre:   $22,500.00 per acre
Total contiguous acres available:  300 industrial acres 
Site Dimensions (___ ft x ___ ft):   See attached plat.
List the parcel owners and corresponding acreage and price.  The Phipps Bend Joint Venture owns all vacant land. 
 What evidence do you possess that indicates this site is 100% immediately available?  Deed to land
 Identify the proposed site's current zoning.  No zoning.  See attached Protective and Restrictive Covenants for Phipps Bend.
 If not zoned Industrial currently, what is the timeline for the site to be rezoned? N/A 
Describe the nature of the development in the immediate area around the site and its zoning classification. Farming.  There is no zoning.
Are there existing structures on the site? If yes, please provide a description and confirm that these structures can be removed.


Are there any operations near the proposed site that generate a significant amount of dust as either part of operations or employee/truck traffic? If yes, please describe. No
Describe any easements and right-of-ways on the proposed site. None
Previous land use: Agriculture
Current land use: Grassland
Is this property considered a "Brownfield" or "SuperFund" site or has it been otherwise contaminated in the past? No
Are there any cemeteries or other historically/archeologically-sensitive areas on site? No
Has there been a Phase I Environmental Report performed on the site?   If yes, please summarize findings and attach the full report. Yes. A Phase One was done on the entire Industrial Park. No problems were found. Do not have a Phase One on the individual lots.
Has a Phase II Environmental Report been determined necessary from the Phase I report.  If yes, please summarize findings and attach the full report. N/A
Describe any areas of the proposed site with bodies of water, creeks, wetlands, etc. See Attached Plat.
Identify the jurisdiction controlling these bodies of water / wetlands. N/A
Has there been a Wetlands Delineation performed on the site.  If yes, please summarize findings. N/A
Has there been a Threatened or Endangered Species report generated for the site?  If yes, please summarize findings. No
Describe soil types and conditions. Holston-Monongehela Undutating & well drained loamy soils from alluvium 
Are there any Flood Plain/Zone areas on the site? If yes, please describe. No, but there is a Flood Plain/Zone.  See attached Phipps Bend Plat.
What is the fire rating at the site? G-6
Other noteworthy information regarding the site? New 70,000 sq. ft. spec building available with 30 ft. sidewalls.  Rail is located on west side of Lot #4.  See Phipps Bend Plat.


 Provide a short description of the electrical service at the site (line size and substation location).

Holston Electric Cooperative Industrial site substation has a 30 MW capacity served by a one mile 161KV line from TVA's Phipps Bend 500/161 KV main power station which interties TVA's power grid to American Electric's main grid.

Provide a short description of the natural gas service at the site (location, line size and pressure, etc…) Hawkins County Natural Gas is the provider. A 4" line is located inside the park @ 35 psi. A high pressure steel line is located at the entrance to the park @ 120-150 psi.
Provide a short description of the water service at the site (location, line size, water tank location, available capacity,  etc…) Utility water is provided by the Surgoinsville Utility District. A 12-inch line with a 235 gpm capacity serves the site. A 750,000 gallon water tank is located within the park.  If additional water is needed, the First Utility District of Hawkins Co. has a new 5 mgd plant that can expand to 10 mgd.  If you need cooling water, the site is near the Holston River with an existing pump station that has an 800,000 gpd capacity.
Provide a short description of the sewer service at the site.  Sewer service is provided by the City of Church Hill. Sewer lines are adjacent to all lots. The line sizes in the Industrial Park are 8" - 12". 
Is the source of the water service groundwater or surface water? Groundwater and surface water
Provide a short description of the wastewater service at the  treatment plant location, available capacity, etc…)  The City of Church Hill municipal sewer plant has a 2.5 million gallons per day capacity. They currently have excess capacity of 1.75 million gallons per day.


 Name of immediate roadways at the site and distance from the site to the closest interstate interchange.  Is the immediate roadway four-laned?

The two-lane Phipps Bend entrance road connects to 4-lane US 11-W, less than two miles away.  Interstate 26 is 12 miles to the east. Interstate 81, which parallels US 11-W, is only 17 miles to the south.

Is the immediate roadway suitable for heavy trucks? Yes
Name of rail service? Norfolk Southern
Distance from site to rail service? The existing mainline track is in the industrial park.
Has the rail provider indicated a willingness to serve this site?  Are there any conditions imposed by the rail provider for this to occur? Yes.  Height restrictions on route north through Appalachia, VA.  NB loads could be routed through Bristol, TN.
Name and distance to the closest seaport & river barge port Port of Charleston, South Carolina is the closest seaport which is 365 miles using I-26. Knoxville, Tennessee is the closest river port for barges which is 75 miles.
Name and distance to the closest commercial airport. Tri-Cities Regional Airport is 30 miles east with Customs Port #2027.


County population (provide source)

Hawkins County had a population of 58,241 in 2010, First Tennessee Development District data.

If applicable, city population (provide source) N/A
Total population within labor pool (provide description and/or map detailing labor pool area) Population of 310,000 with a labor force of 143,720 in the Kingsport-Bristol, TN-VA MSA. Hawkins County, Sullivan County and a portion of Virginia is represented. Data provided by Tennessee Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development.
Employers with 300 or more employees located within your labor pool area.  In Hawkins County--AGC Industries, Inc., Church Hill, 328 employees; BAE Systems, Kingsport, 700 employees; Cooper Standard Automotive, Surgoinsville, 350 employees; Barrette Outdoor Living, Bulls Gap, 680 employees; TRW Rogersville, 345 employees.           In adjoining Sullivan County - Eastman Chemical Corp. 7,500 employees, AGC Kingsport 600 employees and Domtar Inc. 350 employees.
Starting wage and average wage for the following job descriptions:  (Maintenance, Materials Handler & Office Staff) Maintenance: entry $8.87, medium $13.41 & exp. $15.76 - Matrl.Handler: entry $7.39, medium $10.81 & exp. $12.52  - Office Staff $18,000 to $40,000/year.
Distinguishing features of the property: The Phipps Bend Industrial Park is conveniently located but yet secluded in the bend of the river. It is a beautiful setting with whitetail deer and wild turkeys roaming the park area. The area features a workforce which is educated, dedicated and hard working. This in turn creates high productivity.
Distinguishing features of the community: Hawkins County is the home of the oldest operating Court House in Tennessee which was built in 1836 and the second oldest town in Tennessee. The area still has its Southern Charm. There is an abundance of recreational opportunities with Cherokee Lake, Holston River and different parks within the county.



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