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The Hawkins County region is located in Northeast Tennessee, extending down from the Virginia state line. The county is divided into two almost equal sections by the Holston River, which traverses the county’s entire length. One of the largest counties in the state, the 480 square miles of Hawkins County ranges from relatively flat valleys dotted with farms and pasture land to the high mountain ranges of the Appalachians.

Hawkins County is 60 miles northeast of Knoxville, 50 miles southwest of Bristol, 259 miles from Cincinnati, 284 from Atlanta, 695 miles from New York City, 651 from New Orleans, and one day’s drive away from 75% of major U. S. markets and 90,000,000 consumers.

The county seat is Rogersville, which was founded by Joseph Rogers who settled on the site in 1786. The Hawkins County Courthouse is the oldest existing courthouse in Tennessee and one of only six antebellum courthouses in the state. Hawkins County is steeped in history with beautiful scenery, recreational opportunities, an excellent workforce, and diversified economy, mixing high technology with agriculture.

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